Zodwa wabantu not shot dead last night:Here is what happenned


zodwa dead alive shot

Zodwa wabantu not shot dead last night

Fake news website EliteShared published a hoax article titled ‘Zodwa wabantu shot dead last night at a club in Durban kzn’

It opened:

The body shamed and self confidence Zodwa wabantu has been declared dead after being shot.The truth to this allegations still remains questionable as the source is unknown.It’s been said that Zodwa of the people went to a club at KZN where she was booked for two hours to grace the people of KZN with her presence.

Is Zodwa wabantu Dead or Alive

Followers of Zodwa wabantu have been wondering whether body shamed and self confidence Zodwa wabantu is still alive or dead. Meaning the hash-tag ” Zodwa wabantu shot dead ” has been trending and news about Zodwa wabantu death have seen many interest. Many are still wondering if Zodwa wabantu is really dead , many cant still believe Zodwa wabantu is dead.

The story is not true: no other legitimate news websites have reported on it. So don’t fall for this obvious scam and inform people who are spreading it on social media that they are helping spread fake news.

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