White-tailed spider bite: Mans legs amputated in Melbourne Hospital


White-tailed spider bite

Man has legs amputated after being bitten by whitetail spider in Victoria. Man loses both legs and arms at risk after white-tail spider bite. Father of two loses both legs after a white-tailed spider bite. A MELBOURNE man has had both legs amputated, and faces a real risk of losing his arms, after he was bitten by a white-tailed spider in Western Victoria.

Filipino tourist Terry Pareja was visiting relatives in Birchip when he is thought to have been bitten in the last week of February but he took days to seek medical attention. There was no doctor available in the tiny town of 662 people — and by the time he sought medical help on Monday, flesh-eating bacteria had taken hold.

White-tailed spider bite symptoms

Symptoms of a White-tailed spider bite include a small lump, itchiness, swelling and discolouration. In some cases, there may also be ulceration of the bite and vomiting.First-aid suggestions include applying an icepack and seeing your doctor.

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