[WATCH] Woman gives birth to puppies in Western Cape after having Se.x with their family dog


A 24-year-old female tourist from German has reportedly given birth to a litter of German Shepherd puppies in Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province after being hospitalized with severe stomach pains.Doctors at a Western Cape private hospital were surprised to see Kedder go into labor, as she didn’t know she was pregnant.

“It was even more of a shock when three tiny puppies came out instead of a baby,” said Dr. Emmett Brown of the Medical Center where Kedder gave birth to her ‘puppies’.”To be honest, we didn’t know this was possible. It’s both a marvel of modern medicine and extremely disturbing at the same time.” Kedder admits that while she was recently living at home, she would often have sex with the family dog, Jonsey, because she couldn’t find a date.

While it a crime to have sex with an animal in South Africa, however in German it is not a crime at all. A 2013 report from the Daily Mail News warned that bestiality brothels are spreading throughout Germany. The sam way you hire a prostitute here, is the same way you hire any animal for sex in German.

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