Top 7 Reasons Why Women Cheat


It is quite obvious that currently most upcoming women have
been educated since infancy to be “good little girls”, as well as to also
“behave like a lady”, and “grin and bear it”. keep in mind that hearing the
saying “little girls are made of sugar and spice, and all things nice”?

Fast  forward to the 21st century, where
currently women are now authorized to be tough, to say NO, to speak their mind,
to become Big  CEO’s and also to enjoy
some amount of  sex. Women have certainly
become more aggressive and in tune to their basic needs, wants, aspirations and
desires. Some men as the matter of fact also like the basic fact that women are
able to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk”, while others feel a bit
intimidated by it. Without a suspicion this change has had great bang on
relationships between men and women, particularly the actions and behaviors of
our women.

According to statistics in ht e year 2012 from the Journal
of Marital and Family Therapy, basically 14% of wedded women have cheated
compared to 22% of married men. Even though women are not generally exceeding
men in cheating, women are sort of having some  emotional affairs and sex behind their man’s
back. On the other hand, when a woman cheats, she is more often than not
cheating for emotional intimacy while a man generally cheats for physical
pleasure. Women are still emotionally invested in their basic relationships.
Women want to feel desired, wanted and also irresistible. It’s quite out of the
ordinary how far women have come in this world, from women’s lib, entering the
workforce, becoming professionals, breadwinners of the family, and now getting
their basic  needs also met; even if it
probably  means cheating. Now get geared
up to see what I disclose about why women cheat.
1. Lack of attention
and intimacy
: Basically how long can you go with or without receiving love
and attention prior to you look somewhere else? Some others  can obviously  go for only days or about some weeks, and others
can basically go for some years. On the other hand, in general, fundamentally women
need and desire lots of  intimacy,
physical contact, and mental and emotional attention. If you are basically not
receiving this from your significant other,Husband or boyfriend, it will only
be a matter of time and you may possibly  seek it from another end  i.e. a caring guy friend, the conscientious
guy who feeds your emotional needs at your workplace, or the hot trainer at the
gym. Women underprivileged of attention, compliments,respect, and compassion;
usually have emotional affairs. That doesn’t mean it won’t lead to sex but at
the outset they crave the attention and compassion that has been not in
attendance from their relationship.
2. Vengeance: At times
 in a relationship being cheated on is a very complex act to forgive and forget. For
those of you who have been cheated on, you know how terrible it feels. You feel
deceived, upset, hurt, angry, sad, numb and even at times  violated. It also affects your self-esteem. At
the moment you find out your man cheated, your whole body begins to quiver, you
start to sweat, your stomach drops, and you feel nauseated. Clearly, it harmfully
affects your relationship, your mood, behaviour, and your ability to trust the
cheater ever again. When you have been cheated on, some of you may want to get
revenge by making them feel the way you felt. This can lead you, to do the
cheating next. The biggest truth is that cheating never solves a relationship
problem. Communication, assertiveness and increasing passion and romance in
your relationship are a much better solution.
3. Awful sex: Notwithstanding
the basic fact that ladies need to feel desired and also experience REAL orgasms during sex. If
women are always  getting bad sex, not
enough sex, non-emotional sex, or  awful sex,
you may sooner or later lose concentration in the relationship and look
elsewhere for GOOD sex! This begins to create temptation to seek sexual or
emotional pleasure somewhere else. In my judgment, it’s best to communicate
your needs to your man with the hopes that he will try to step it up a notch.
You can do this on your own or with the help of a some good sex therapist
4. Financial sovereignty:
When you feel monetarily dependent on your husband or boyfriend, it’s more complicated
to speak up in arguments or depart the relationship. The fear of being alone
and financially unstable keeps you in a one-down position. Now that women make
their own money, enjoy working, and are good at it, the need to stay in an
unhappy relationship is not necessary. That feeling of power and independence
can be like seeing the red carpet laid out for you; all the way to those other
fish in the sea.
5. Low self-esteem:
When you feel insecure about yourself, you have a need to seek validation from
others. This can be in the form of sexual, emotional, or intellectual
attention. When you don’t love or value yourself, you may project that onto the
person you are in a relationship with, and believe they don’t love or value
you. Even if your husband or boyfriend loves you greatly, you still may cheat
because you find it hard to accept their unconditional love. I suggest reading
one of the many self-help books out there on building your self-esteem, or get
some counseling to help improve self-confidence.
6. Feeling
: When you are in a relationship, you like to please your
man. Cooking a romantic dinner, buying sexy lingerie, and listening with your
heart, are just a few ways you may show your love and appreciation. So what
happens when you don’t hear “thank you, please or I love you.” Holidays and
birthdays come and you don’t receive anything meaningful, nothing at all, not
even a verbal acknowledgement. We all have thresholds, and once yours is
reached, you may decide to act on a “thank you, please, or I love you” coming
from another direction. Let your man know he may lose you if he continues to
take you for granted.
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7. Being Bored: He doesn’t spray on that high-quality
smelling cologne to any further extent, his clothing is wrinkled, stained or
way out-of- date. When he comes home from work (assuming he has a job), it’s
the same old thing; “what’s for dinner”? When the weekend comes, he says he’s
tired and just wants to relax at home, or go out to the equal sports bar you go
every weekend. The schedule is basically the same over and over again. You are
no longer on the same page. You hardly have anything in common. You are feeling
emotionally distant from him. You find yourself looking at other prospects and
fantasize about being with someone else. You begin to feel excited (something
you haven’t felt in “forever”) just thinking about it. There are many ways to
spice up an old, tired relationship. Boredom is something that can be resolved
with a little, or sometimes a moderate amount of effort. It requires both of
you introducing new ideas and behaviors, and some spontaneity. Be sure of what
you want. 
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