Reggie Rockstone’s Wife, Zilla Recounts meeting him in a Club ten yearsago


Hiplife Originator Reggie wife Zilla Rockstone,  was on eTV’s Sincerely
to talk about life, managing Django Bar and taking care of Reggie
and the family.
Now in their tenth year, Zilla exposed the two first met at Boomerang Night
“I met Reggie when I was on my drive to be a Doctor at Korle Bu. And we
started dating. The first time I met him, it was at Boomerang Night Club in the
DJ’s booth. It was DJ Black then and I went in there to request for some
Dancehall music because that was our kind of music then; Black was a recognizable
face because he was also in Legon with me but he was ahead; I was a party girl
when I was in school and I had went there with a couple of my friends. When I
got in the booth, Reggie too was there and so Black introduced us to each
other. But I was thinking Reggie and his people were on a different level and
we were also on our level. So I just said my hello and went back to my friends
and even didn’t tell them I had met Reggie because I didn’t think it was
anything foremost.
“We met again and started talking and one thing led to another and we finally
hooked up and it’s about ten years now.”
She also revealed the rationale for their longevity was because they
understood each other.
“I guess its understanding and tolerance. It’s not like we don’t have our
own quarrels, we do because Reggie is stubborn. He knows and so we can have an intense
argument right now, the next minute he dresses up and asks me how he is
looking. He is strong and I’m strong too. He sometimes say I’m too yappy and nippy but I guess you get
to a point you appreciate one person has to back down. Sometimes he knows I’m
making sense and in due course he will back down. Sometimes I listen to him and
I back down.
“We were also brought up in dissimilar homes and so in the beginning it
wasn’t easy but what made me change my point of view was when I started working
after medical school. I saw people die and how families reacted to the passing
and that made me realize life was too short and so we had to stop quarrelling
and enjoy each other.
“And when children are involved, you want to keep the home happy and support
you husband with everything positive they are doing.
Touching on running their business, Zilla revealed Reggie handled the
artistic side while she handled the books.
“I think its team spirit and it’s important you spot your strong points and
complement each other. Between Reggie and me, he is the artistic mind and he
comes up with all the ideas; I mean most of them but comparatively he does a
lot of the creative stuff but I’m the implementer. Reggie cannot implement, I
cannot do a lot of the creative stuff like he does and he cannot implement like
I do.
“I’m the grounds person who is talking to everyone to get the task
completed. I make the calls to the workers, I issue the cheques. Believe it or
not for the accounts I issue all the cheques.
“Sometimes he really wonders why I spent on something and I will remind him
the times when he offers to buy me stuff and I decline because we need to save.
And I’m not the kind of person who will take the money to do anything I want
and that’s why he believes me with the money aspect of the business.
“I micromanage at everything thing to make sure everything is working. I
don’t want any aspect of my life to fail. My household has to be on point, my
family has to be on point, Reggie has to be on point and I also adopted VVIP
now and I call them my other husbands because we always meeting in the house
and I’m always in the center.”

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