Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Net Worth 2017: Jets and Investments


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Net Worth 2017

Prophet shepherd Bushiri 2017 net worth – Number 1 richest man in the world. Who really is this Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and how much is he worth? South African based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri a.k.a Major 1 has been officially ranked in a joint position with Bishop David Oyedepo as number richest evangelist in the world according to Constative which is known for ranking celebrities, businessperson and sports personalities worth.

Prophet shepherd Bushiri’s net worth is actually more than what a mouth can pronounce, more than what a mind can think, more than what a hand can type or write. God takes care of those who takes care of themselves and others. Prophet Bushiri’s is papa to many and he helps them wherever and however God tells him to do.

Prophet shepherd Bushiri a.k.a Major 1 has been said to have a net worth of US$150 million and is at position number two. Bushiri ranked in top 10 richest church leaders in the world. Aside being a man of God he owns an electronic company, a telecommunication company, various farms and a private University in South Sudan named Bushiri University of Agriculture. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Net Worth 2017- US$150 million


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