President Evo Morales Dead or Alive: Read the truth about Evo Morales death hoax


Evo Morales Dead or Alive

Is President Evo Morales Dead– Hoax news website News 360 ( posted a fake news article titled ‘’BREAKING: Bolivian President Evo Morales Dies At 57 From Cardiac Arrest’’ The fake article opens:

Bolivian president Juan Evo Morales Ayma has passed away just few hours after collapsing at his residence in Palacio Quemado.

Loyal Followers of President Evo Morales have been wondering whether their President is still alive or dead. Meaning the hash-tag ” Evo Morales dead ” has been trending and news about Evo Morales’s death have seen many interest. Many are still wondering if President Evo Morales is really dead, many cant still believe Evo Morales is dead.

In what turned out to be a hoax, the amorphous website (meganews360) either faked the news to attract readership to boost hits or was grossly misinformed by a source of which I doubt. Fake News President Evo Morales not dead.

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