Police Raid Shatta Wale’s Hotel Room

Ghana’s Dancehall King popularly known as Shata Wale is
currently  in the United Kingdom to
perform massively tomorrow in conjunction with PSquare and Flavour for Dance
Afrique in the Wembley Arena.
Shata Wale just updated his Facebook status about Police
entering his allocated hotel room. It reads ‘Police in my hotel room …calm down everything will be fine..bulldog is
talking to them…tings under control…’
Suggestions By law basically has it that British Police can possibly
do the following to any individual in the United Kingdom.
1.Stop and account
The police can stop anyone in an unrestricted place and ask
you to account for yourself. For example, you could be possibly asked to
account for your actions,Deeds, behaviour, presence in an area or possession of
anything. When the police stop you and ask you for an explanation, you don’t
need to provide your personal details. The police basically  do not have to make any sort of record or perhaps
give you a receipt. But you may be asked to give your ethnicity or background.
2.Stop and search
The police in the United Kingdom  can also stop and search any human being,
vehicle, and anything in or on the vehicle for certain bits and pieces.
However, prior to the stopping and search they must have basically a reasonable
grounds for suspecting that they will find:
Stolen merchandise, supplies or gods
Drugs, or
Any sort of offensive missile(weapon), or
any article made or adapted for use in certain offences, for
example a burglary or theft, or
knives, or
items which could damage or destroy property, for example
spray paint cans.
Powers of entry
Police can only enter premises without a warrant if a
serious or dangerous incident has taken place.
Situations in which the police can enter premises without a
warrant include when they want to:
deal with a breach of the peace or prevent it
enforce an arrest warrant
arrest a person in connection with certain offences
recapture someone who has escaped from custody
save life or prevent serious damage to property.
Shatta Wale has not  yet revealed possibly why the entry happened
in his case. We suspect noise making as the artist of the year might probably
be gearing up for tomorrows live concert.

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