Pappy Kojo’s View About His Nomination


“In the beginning I didn’t expect it but then I realize I have some
numbers, people really like me, the kids dress like me, they follow me
everywhere I go, so I feel like I have a certain type of people who look
up to me.

“Ever since the wave in the “Realer No” came [out] I see people with
their tattered jeans, bandana and even with my hairstyle, so I feel like
I am helping change a game so obviously yeah I do.

“My song has both the hiphop and hiplife feel. I’m doing it in our
local dialect, it’s traditional and the feeling to the beat and melody
has that hiphop feeling to it.

“I feel like am already a winner, last year June, July, August no one
knew who I was and within seven months, I [have been] nominated. I
never expected this to happen. I just want to go to awards [launch] and
hear ‘and the nominees are Pappy Kojo’ it’s my dream, So if I happen to
even get one I [will be] grateful. My friends and family are proud.”

Quotes from an interview he granted HITZ FM yesterday.


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