Lorna Maseko Announces Divorce And How Ready She is to Mingle 


Lorna Maseko confirms ‘I’m newly single and ready to mingle.We were never ready for this. We have experienced some of the most vringe worth moments courtesy of our local celebs. Nothing however could’ve prepared us for Lorna Maseko making a joke out of herself at the YOU Spec Awards. Lorna Maseko announces divorce at the YOU Spec Awards.

The Top Billing and Top Chef host had everyone feeling awkward after she announced her divorce and how much she was ready to mingle. The beauty who looked intoxicated revealed a different side most people had not yet witness.

We have to ask where was Lorna’s “best friend” Bonang whilst she was busy embarrassing herself? Isn’t that what girlfriends are for, to take away your drink and take you home when you’re making a joke out of yourself?

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