Lord of the Rings actor Sir Christopher Lee dies @ age 93

Sir Christopher Lee dies
Christopher Lee, who is popularly known as the veteran actor and as well star
of many of the most ranked world’s biggest film franchises, unfortunately died at
age 93.
Christopher Lee is known as an English-born and natured actor. He has at all-time   made
his name playing some of the most interesting roles such as being Dracula and
Frankenstein’s monster in the Hammer horror films, appeared in more than 250
In fact in
his time he was obviously best-known for his kind of iniquitous roles in as
much including Scaramanga in James Bond and evil wizard Saruman in The Lord of
the Rings.
achievement just couldn’t end there; his other credits include possibly The
Wicker Man and as well Star Wars.
The news has
it that Sir Christopher Lee was reported to have suddenly died on Sunday the 7th
of June at Chelsea and Westminster hospital residing  in London, after being at most times  hospitalized for respiratory problems and also
heart failure.
An Imperial
Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council spokesman said: “We can confirm that
the Register Office issued a death certificate for Mr Christopher Lee on Monday
8 June, Mr Lee died on Sunday 7 June.”
He was
knighted in 2009 for services to drama and charity and was awarded a Bafta
fellowship in 2011.
One of the
first to pay tribute was James Bond actor Roger Moore, who tweeted: “It’s
terribly [sad] when you lose an old friend, and Christopher Lee was one of my
oldest. We first met in 1948.”

Monaghan who is known as his Lord of the Rings co-star also said: “So, so sorry
to hear that Christopher Lee has passed away. He was a fascinating person.”
Christopher also in his career worked very hard with well-known director Tim
Burton on a minimum of about five films including Sleepy Hollow (1999) and
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). Mr. Tim Burton labeled Christopher
Lee  as “an enormous inspiration”.
“The great,
always criminally underrated Sir Christopher Lee has left us,” actor and writer
Mark Gatiss tweeted. “A Titan of Cinema and a huge part of my youth. Farewell.”
Lucas, who directed Sir Christopher in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the
Clones, said: “Christopher was a great British actor of the old school. A true
link to cinema’s past and a real  gentleman.
We will miss him.”
Actor Reece
Shearsmith called him “an amazing gentleman who brought us so many iconic
roles. He will be missed.”
Jonathan Ross said: “So sad to hear that Sir Christopher Lee has died. A great
actor, a great star, a surprisingly good singer and a lovely, lovely man.”
Writer Neil
Gaiman said he was “so lucky and proud” to have had Lee in the cast of BBC
Radio 4′s recent dramatization of Never where. “Great actor, great loss,” he
“We are
deeply saddened to hear that Sir Christopher Lee has passed away,” the British Film
Institute (BFI) said.


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