How to know your relationship won’t work- out

failure in relationship

At a point in time You definitely want to take the
relationship with your partner at the forefront  but on the other  hand 
your guy  won’t commit or possibly
doesn’t want to show any level of seriousness in the relationship at hand. if
you are possibly experiencing this n you relationship then this maybe the
article for you. This article will aid you read the warning signs to find out
whether your relationship has a future or not.
At a point in time your guys puts his job, friends,
associates  and family first, thus ranking
them high on his scale of preference. He also  postpones or turns up offensively late for  dates you arrange with him, doesn’t call you
back whenever he  missed calls from you,
and almost never replies or finds it difficult to reply  your ‘I miss you’ messages. One of a
relationship requirement is that it needs nourishment through affection and ‘we
time’. On the other hand, if you are not a main concern for him, it could lead
to dissatisfaction and bitterness. If he spends most of his time partying till
late morning with his individual friends alone than hanging out with you, it’s a
no doubt sign that your little relationship is going nowhere.
if what happens after the clothes come off is the only thing
you have in common with your guy, then is quite possible the relationship may
have omitted  an important factor of all
relationships –Thus  a deep level of
intimacy is missing in the relationship. And In my opinion, s3x with a guy you
are not married to doesn’t make s*x. You only end up losing your self-respect!
 You have made a decision
of not going for lunch or shopping with your own and cherished friends, and are
more interested in what your guy like than concentrating on yours too. This
makes you come across as a deprived person who is in need of companionship.
Guys are mostly attracted to women who are certain, positive and confident in
their own skin and have full, busy lives. Don’t be unavailable to him, but give
him some reason to get serious about you.
4. The future is not a main concern for him
He desires to live in the moment and tries to avoid talking
about the future. In life making plans for the future is a sign of high level
of commitment. Relationship Expects are in the view that  this attitude translates into what could only
be a short-term affair
In a well structured relationship, It’s kind of okay to be
polite but also arguments and fights are actually healthy for a relationship to
flourish. Your bond with each other won’t get authentic unless you communicate
your true feelings about each other and discuss the issues that are bothering
you. You’re frightened to scare him off the romantic association, so you try to
give him the impression that you are okay with whatever event that is going on
in the relationship. It puts him in an unwarranted position of power that he
may not deserve. Be true to yourself and come clean. If he doesn’t want to
change his stance and calls it off, you didn’t have much to lose anyway.
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