EXPOSED!! Are these 4 SA celebs ILLUMINATI?



 A complete list of South Africa Celebrities rumored to belong to the Illuminati has been complied by

Over the past couple of years, the public’s eyes have been opened and exposed to who the Illuminati are and what their agenda is. 
The name describes a group of “enlightened” and mysterious people that conspiracy theorists believe is seeking a ‘New World Order’. 

So besides politicians, economists and actors it is alleged that pop musicians fall into that category.

Apparently the symbols associated with this group is the one eye within a pyramid that can be found on the American dollar bill. Whether you believe this or not, here are some of your favourite South African artists that have the one eye symbol in their pictures. Is it a coincidence?

Ma-E’s video for Lie To Me had a burning pyramid with the ‘all seeing eye” at the top.

Rapper Kwesta doing the one eye sign and the apparent “666” that he forms with his three fingers.

Producer Anatii covering one of his eyes

Presenters Moozlie and Loot Love covering their eyes plus they’re also doing the triangle/pyramid with their other hands

What do you think about this, could the Illuminati be infiltrating the South African music scene? Or is it just a passing trend?

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