ECG plans to lay off workers due to worsening power crisis

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has in our present
time become the most recent company in Ghana at the moment to publicly announce
plans to lay off  probably most of their active
workers in the company  due to the worsening
energy crisis developing in the country.
Notwithstanding the above , An official  statement from the public electricity
distribution company said “the dumsor(energy crises) has gone a long way
of  increasing their  operational cost, hence, it they heave
currently reached a point In time  of
which it  has become very vital and as
well  necessary for Electricity Company
Of Ghana(ECG)  to reduce the number of  its  entire workforce” in order to maintain low or
reduced  overhead costs. “We have been
forced to shut a number of departments at our headquarters because we cannot
keep the air conditioners running probably at all times. The cost of running
those air conditioners on our generators have become simply unbearable.”
This  said development
makes ECG one of quite a few other companies who have gotten to the point
of  forcing to cut down its entire workforce
due to the unreliable supple of electricity in the country. Coca-Cola Bottling
Company has already laid off some 250 employees while other small scale
companies have been compelled to completely shut down due to the rising costs
of production.
An employee of ECG who got wind of the impeding job losses
expressed despair at the uncertainty that faced him and his colleagues. “These
are uncertain times. We don’t know who will go and who will stay. It’s just
like the dumsor, you can’t be too sure when your lights will go off or when
they will come back on. This dumsor must stop,” he quipped.
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