Earthquake or more tremors to hit South Africa this week


Seismologists said more tremors are expected to hit the country over the next few days maybe Thursday or Friday, according to a report.”I expect there would be at least two or three magnitude four events coming up within the next week or two,” technical director of earth science consulting company Umvoto Africa, Dr Chris told the Live Star newspaper.

“Very often one finds in quake areas the main shot delivers a damage blow to some buildings but then quite often its the smaller aftershocks that finish them off.”Hartnady said if people reoccupied damaged buildings before the aftershock sequence closed, they would be putting their lives in danger.

Council of Geoscience seismologist Michelle Grobbelaar agreed that more earthquakes were expected, the publication reported.
“The rule of thumb in seismology is that history repeats itself. We can get those magnitudes (of 5.5) coming back. We can’t say when it will happen but we can expect another one,” she was quoted as saying.

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