Chinese cartoon app takes up the Internet by storm this week

my idol
My Idol is an app which has currently made waves in
the app world as at now, it is said to be described as fundamentally a Chinese
made cartoon app which has taken the Internet market by storm this week.
My Idol is an app
that seeks to turn your personal selfies into digital avatars, thus avatars of which
you can possibly dress up and as well force it to carry out a variety of
strange tasks. The most common of the task which it is said to perform is, of
course, the pole dance, which is almost certainly what you’ve seen trending all
over your Twitter feeds, Facebook ,Instagram and other social media as for the
past few hours. This app features doesn’t just end there, You can what’s more
stick them on motorcycles, make them sing or have them lift weights.
The app(My Idol)  is at present  available on the United .States .App Store, nevertheless
it’s current version is entirely in Chinese,which tends up to be a big disadvantage
to most English speacking countries who are hoping to hae a feel of the said
app. The news has it that due to  popular
request ,the said developer of the app  is currently working hard  as
quickly as possible to bring to the market  an English-language version of the app to
market (before the viral hit inevitably fades away), but in the meantime, this
for non-Chinese users
” should tell you everything you need to
know to get started.

Once you’ve got an idea of how to work
the app, you can create something just as hilarious like this
Chinese cartoon app
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