Bishop TD Jakes responds to false death report-Am Alive


is T.D Jakes dead or alive

TD Jakes is alive responds to false death report-Am Alive.It was all over the news as at yersterday that Thomas Dexter “T. D.” Jakes, Sr. is a pastor, author and filmmaker,bishop of The Potter’s House, a Nondenominational American megachurch. Jakes has been found dead in his West Virginia home in the wee hours of this morning, Virginia Times reports disclosed according to a fake website.

Loyal Members of TD Jakes have been wondering whether their Bishop is still alive or dead. Meaning the hash-tag ” TD Jakes dead ” has been trending and news about TD Jakes’s death have seen many interest. Many are still wondering if Lupita TD Jakes is really dead, many cant still believe TD Jakes is dead.

Bishop TD Jakes responds to false death report on Facebook just some minutes to clarify the false news that was circulating about his false death. Bishop TD Jakes responds stated that he had receives several calls from His loved once concerning His Death Hoax.

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